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"This coin will do a lot of good for the LGBTQIA Community" Whoopi Goldberg

Buy and use the coin. You are investing in equality Certified Pride Token is an investment with fantastic potential but you will begin to power this big engine for a change!

We are determined, in this life, to put an end to the hate and divisiveness that target’s the LGBTQ community, We challenged ourselves to create a payment system capable of funding meaningful change. We hope That through this endeavor we can help create a world in which our children will not have to deal with ill-conceived hatred and racism and the resulting personal horrors that accompany such vile behavior.


Charities- 5%

We have partnered with Glaad, Jed, and HRC. 5% of our value in use will go directly to these charities.

Marketing & Advertising - 5%

We are dedicating a small percentage to marketing and advertising to keep Certified Pride Token relevant for years to come.

Pre Sale - 30%

We want everyone to have a equal chance to invest

Public - 50%

After the ICO the remaining tokens will go into a token locker only for the public.

Development - 10%

The development of certified pride token onto the market, as a currency and being held

Frequently Asked Questions

01. What is Certified Pride Token?
Certified Pride Token is a concept currency minted to bring the power of digital currency together with aspirational change in support of the LGBTQIA+ Community.
Created specifically to form a financial ecosystem that will drive value for its user’s while funding the fight for equality,  Certified Pride Token,  when used,  will pay a cash benefit directly to multiple charity’s in support of the LGBTQIA+ Community.   
Certified Pride Token address: 0x97698acc3141edf3e9fa70d20ca39cf6602990f1
02. Who can invest in Certified Pride Token?
Anyone with a Cryptocurrency Wallet Can Invest. You only have to add certified pride toke to your wallet. You can either purchase Binance Smart Chain and exchange it for Certified Pride Token in our Pre-Sale or you can purchase a VIP Package
03. Where to buy Certified Pride Token?
Certified Pride Token is a BEP-20 token traded on the Binance Smart Chain.  BEP-20 is the standard governing how a token can be spent,  who can spend it and rules of usage.  
Certified Pride Token has received an A+ Audit from TechRate.
04. What is the future of Certified Pride Token?

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