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Certified Pride


Invest in Equality, Use Certified Pride Token for your payment needs and support the LGBTQIA+ Community’s fight for equal treatment in society and the law.


Whoopi Goldberg's

Endorsement of Certified Pride Token

CERTIFIED PRIDE TOKEN is a cryptocurrency created by the Digital Currency Reserve. The coin, when used, will pay a cash benefit  directly to multiple charities in support of the LGBTQIA+ Community.

Just by using the coin, you will be creating real financial value for our partner charity’s enabling them to do their good work. Money’s generated will be used for legislative change, academic scholarships, treatment of mental illness, and suicide intervention/prevention.

Certified Pride Token has partnered with the Human Rights Campaign, GLAAD, and JED Foundation as part of its initial roll out.

Digital Currency Reserve

Plans to announce more partnerships with other organizations dedicated to this fight in the coming months. Certified Pride Token will be a payment option with select merchants worldwide at checkout and that number is growing every day!

Why Certified Pride Token

Certified Pride Token is a decentralized currency on the Binance blockchain.

Certified Pride Token is much more environmentally friendly, unlike Bitcoin, as Binance is on the Ethereum blockchain.

Certified Pride Token has received an A+ Audit from TechRate.

Certified Pride Token will not dilute its original minting, there will be a low number of coins in circulation. 5% of the issuance is held back for donation.

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